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I love this game.. But I'm bad at theorycrafting

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Hey guys!


I hope you can help me a bit.


I've started PoE a few times know but sadly never finished it. But not this time!


Had a break (again, the third time now) between 2 huge patches so I have to adjust a lot now. Wanna test some new stuff, too.


Can someone give me a short overview, with the new patch, how my party can/should look like?


I play at "Normal".


1 Party Leader (Per/Res?!)

1 Offtank

1 Priest (never really tried this class before)

1 Wizard

2 DMG Dealers


Which classes/builds would you choose as a less experienced player (building builds :) I know a lot of quests etc.)


I saw the post with the builds but for me they are a bit "special" sometimes.


Would love to get some help.. Thx!!

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At normal most anything will work.


I'd pick a main class that sounds interesting and then grab the story companions as you find them and forge a team from what you find. This is not a "holy trinity" style game where you need tanks, buffers and damage dealers. You can make your Paladin the damage dealer and the Wizard can tank. If you get hit too much grab a shield, take too much damage get better armor or make better use of crowd control or even do more damage faster so that the fights end quicker.  Find a style that you enjoy and build around that.

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