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Main Character Question

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Hi there, quick question, I've created my main character and joined up with some of the PC's

In the game is there anything that "only" the main character can do?

I understand that interactions are matched against the abilities/skills of the most appropriate character in the party not necessarily the main character?

Is my main character essentially just a member of the team or are there some things that only he can do in the game?

Any help appreciated


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Actually, in most things (eg. conversation stat checks) the characteristics (stats, skills, etc.) of your protagonist are used, not those of the NPCs. The only exception to this that comes to mind is some scripted interactions, where you can have one of your NPCs do something. You're explicitly asked to choose in those cases though; for example, in the starting dungeon if you opt to try to push through the wall, you will be asked who (of your protagonist and current party members) should try it. There are no instances that I'm aware of where the game implicitly picks the party member with the best skills/stats/whatever for something; unless otherwise specified, it always uses the protagonist.

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Yeah, for stuff that's done individually by characters in the main screen (ie. outside conversation windows, scripted interactions, etc.) the stats and skills of that character are used; and indeed, for trap disarming and lockpicking, the game sends whomever has the highest mechanics skill of the currently selected characters.

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