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Can't buy gold

Rokk Strongo


I am playing pathfinder on a samsung tablet and am logging in with my google play account. But anytime I try to buy gold, the payment window shows up with the google play account of my gf (who is also using the tablet from time to time). There is now way to change the account dure the payment. Also, although I am logged in, google play wants an other account to pay. Could you please help me to buy your stuff? ;)


Thank you

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Hi there!


Once the actual buy button is pressed, we are essentially hands off, and Google takes over (assuming the device is Android). We don't choose to lock you in to the one account, that's on Google's end. Here are some options you could try outside of the app:

  1. I believe the default payment method can be changed in your Google Play account settings. Here's a helpful article for editing payment methods:  https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/4646404?hl=en
  2. You could also try temporarily logging the other Google account out, until your purchase goes through, at which point you could then log back in with the other account again.


Hopefully one of those will work for you, and thank you for playing Pathfinder!


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