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Hostile after save/load



So I was going through Dyrford ruins and after talking to Wymund, all the cultists stopped attacking me on sight, even talked to me. So I left the party behind and started exploring on my own, save, return next day, load the game, and what do I find out but? I'm standing in a room with three hostile casters and an archer. Me, a fragile wizard, tired from almost falling into an abyss from a rope. The game doesn't even pause after it loads.


Now I'm not sure if this is supposed to be an easily solvable situation, maybe I didn't get good enough, and I couldn't run away as I was instantly slowed down, but it took me about 7 tries to clean the room before I succeeded - only because summons are so good at getting attention of enemies. And now I can't really get back to my party as I had to use  most of the heavy-hitting spells on that little encounter and I can't buff up prior to combat, initiate combat from stealth with a summon, place more than one trap, my party is too far to hear (not that they'd get there faster than the bloody Skaen's goons).



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