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Can't bury a card bury a card from Scenario Power prompt



I was trying to play through a quest and I received a prompt to bury a card (weapon or item?) from my discard pile after losing a fight, two cards show up and glow, but tapping on them enlarges them and has no bury promt,and there isn't a place in the UI that I can just drag cards to in order to bury them to get around this, so that quest is just frozen now. Restarting app and phone then continuing just brings me back to this bug. Of note, the two cards it tells me to bury were just discarded due to losing a fight. I was eventually able to touch the settings cog and forfeit after examining the deck due to an earlier card effect, which let me examine the monster I had just lost to and then cleared the cards out of the bury promt (which itself stayed) giving me back respinse to touching buttons (besides examine which was mysteriously the only one to work). I'm on a galaxy s5, 6.0.1. This may have been my second explore but I've spent so much time messing around in the bug that I'm not really sure.

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Kirby is correct, you'll need to drag the card down to the bury pile, which is a pile of dirt between your hand and discard pile.


That being said there is a usability bug here. You should be able to tap a card in your discard pile and tap the bury button. Thanks for pointing this out, sorry for any frustration this has caused!

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