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A lot of things with Giants, mostly bugs ^^



Questmode - Legendary - Permadeath


Scenario Power- Painful Memories, Full packs and 2d4 difficulty modifier for Giants.


First Off Villain Preview.

Mamma Graul..understandable.


Henchmen Preview.

8 DORELLA and HOOKMAW..eight! First off, i know its quest mode, i'd like to ask if this is possible and is as intended? This is the first time i encountered multiple named /unique henchmen in a scenario..Ok, we asked for it.




Draw 1 Dorella&Hookmaw.

AI roll for modifier (3+1)

AI ask to roll for Dex (10 to beat )

Succeed in Dex roll

Combat > Difficulty didn't increase by 4..stayed at 12 (bugged?)

Beat it

AI rerolls for difficulty Modifier (4+2)

Combat > Difficulty is now raised by 6 (21 to beat now)


Villain first Fight

Draw Mamma Graul

AI rolls for modifier

Mamma Grauls summons a henchman (skeleton i think)

Roll combat damage for henchman and succeed

Face Mamma Grauls but her difficulty wasn't raised and she was beaten


On the second fight

Everything happens again except when i finally beat her..she just sits around the screen, doesnt banish and the scenario won't end.


Ole dependable Option > Vault > Escape unstuck me.

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