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Encountered Donkey Rats in the Quest mode, killed it, it rolled 1 to summon Ogre Kin, Dice auto rolled, and killed him,

Then had to fight Donkey Rats again, this time it rolled 4, and was banished, but as the coins, and EXP was getting added, game froze, and crashed.


Tried to reload several times, and each time crashed on exp/coins add, so I can't play quest mode anymore, as this is the only thing that loads.


Issue on Android((5.1) Motorola Turbo.

Game itself runs fine, first crash I saw in 3 month of playing.


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I can't forfeit, quest mode loads in the middle of roll for the donkey rats master (D6), and then just dies, and settings, or other buttons don't let me do anything.


Got lucky, and it rolled 1, and then stopped, so it let me forfeit.  

To send the save file to dev, is that just an email, or post it here?

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