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I failed registration for this forum 6 times... o_O


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This has to be the most frustrating forum sign up process I have ever seen. Actually amazed I stuck it out to register. Terrible, terrible UX.


* Not one but TWO bot checks... The first one is incredibly easy to mistype, get the wrong spacing/capitals etc even though the answer is right there.
* The second threw a couple of the most illegible, impossible to understand captcha images I've ever seen. These things don't achieve anything.

* Extremely easy to miss "Click to accept TOC" checkbox

* Absolutely moronic having TWO buttons... Register and Continue. Must have clicked Continue 4 times without realising it just reloaded the page without applying the form. Clicking Continue gives you NO idea what the hell you did wrong.

Seriously this has to be fixed. I guarantee you 75% of the people who try won't have the same patience I did. You're killing your community before it's even begun.

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Thanks for your challenge and feedback Jasta! We are currently looking at addressing this helpful concern. Welcome to the community and look forward to your contribution! As well, if you have further input, I would be most grateful to connect through PM :)

The universe is change;
your life is what our thoughts make it
- Marcus Aurelius (161)


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