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BUG: Here comes the flood: Magga scores all cards not just allies



In here comes the flood Magga is supposed to eat 1d4 cards at a random location and score any allies eaten. However Magga scores every card eaten making the scenario impossible to beat.


Android 6.0.1

Ezren, Kyra and Amiri playing

No permadeth and no pass & play

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It is not a bug and it is actyally easy scenario now, when Magga is not bugged.

The game show's all cards that Magga eats, but that is not important Number. The important Number is how Many allies you have accuired compared to all. See the link below.


I only have 2 of 18 and that is not enough.


Later in the game I have half or more...


11 out of 18 and that is enough with hight margin. 9 would have been enough. (The half)


So it is wictory, so it is possible to beat Magga... Total 12 saved soulls of 18.



Actually even less than 9 could be enough, if it is same or more than Magga has. But safer to go to the half of all available allies!

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