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[] Portable Ram doesn't add to Obstacle Barriers

Saint Ajora


First of all, I noticed that you changed the rarity of the Portable Ram from Gold to Silver, and still you haven't solved the problems concerning this item. The last one that I found out was its inability to add extra dice to checks to defeat Barriers with the Obstacle trait. My Amiri had one Portable Ram and when she encountered a Collapsed Ceiling, she couldn't either reveal or discard the item, what is wrong, since the Portable Ram has practically the same description of the Crowbar.


Ah, by the way, it keeps adding just one die, either you reveal or discard it.

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This is known by the devs. As posted in your last thread.


As for the Rarity, portable Ram is still legendary. There is no silver Rarity cards. Any rare and above cards you have in your starting back at the beginning of a scenario will appear silver when you draw them into your hand. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but does not affect gameplay.

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