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Characters Missing from Story Mode



I'm not sure when this happened, I've been going back and beating all the scenarios on legendary with Solo Lini for awhile now, but yesterday I got a daily quest to beat a mission to Seoni and when I went to switch her in she was gone. The only experienced characters I have now are Lini and a level 1 Amiri. Previously I played through the entire campaign with Lini/Harsk and then have been slowly taking every character through the scenarios so I had every single one at least with B/1 complete but they are all gone now. I've checked both my mobile phone and bluestacks to make sure it's not a syncing issue but both are showing the same information.

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The only reasonable explanation I could think (if your account hasn't been hacked or someone fooled you) is a server issue while doing any maintenance/validation operation..

Perhaps the devs can check your account to fix it.

Perhaps your your data will be back in a while for some operation on the server..

I did a similar switch as you did, and I got duplicated an entire party of six characters after a while... I have 24 characters now and I never created half of them..

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