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Ezren - Expanded Spell book - issue



Hi guys, it often happens that Ezren triggers his power playing spells, but there is a little noisy issue.


If player activate the power as it is triggered, everything works normally (graphically you have an overlap of Ezren's deck with anything on the background, as combat rolls that still can be launched 'covered' in meantime... but it's a minor thing).


Problem appears when Ezren launches any roll after the casting (recharge roll normally). There if the player rolls the recharge before activate the power, he can lose the power activation. It happens for sure when it isn't the Ezren's turn. In this last case the power activation is always lost for me and if you tab on the power during the recharge roll (last instant remembering in my case) when the power can still be activated, unpredictable events can happen that normally put the game in an inconsistent state (or around that point with permanent overlapping glitches). Once it happened to me that the deck checked for the Ezren's power, was the Merisiel's one (Meri turn, with transition during the Ezren's power activation).


So, I think there are different approaches to solve this issue:

- the Ezren's power always endures until he plays an other card (also if triggered in other character turn)

- you can add a micro-step in the progression to let player activate/ignore specifically that triggered power before to lose it (also if they roll the recharge before the activation and in other character turn).


Your turn guys :)

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The image below can show you the state of the game several turns later, if you activate the power with the wrong timing. In that game an other location also didn't close after beating the 'when_closing' condition (I had to find a second close condition).


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