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Infint GP, (and XP?) glitch



I've been playing the game for a little while, and I have purchased the Ride of the Runelords set.


I updated the game today, and this is the first time I've see this issue happen, but it's also happened 3 separate times today. I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with (I believe KitKat 4).


The first time the issue occurred, was in story mode, playing in The Poison Pill, with a party of six, (Cleric, Fighter, Sorcerer, Wizard, Paladin, Rogue). Seoni had just beaten a boss, and the scenario required he to discard a card after the battle. I only had one card left in my hand afterwards, (the minor staff of healing), and six cards left in my deck (my hand holds 6). I beat the boss, and then kept attempting to discard the staff, which should have then closed the level (automatic) and left only one location left.


However that's where the game locked up. It would discard the card, and the screen went dark, (indicated the stage is now locked), but I couldn't otherwise act. The arrow showed up indicating it was time to move to the next character and beat the stage, but it remained on Seoni, and I could not progress. I checked every other character to make sure they didn't also need to discard, (they should not as none where at that location), or otherwise act, but none of them could do anything.


Going to the vault, main menu, options screen, etc. . . (literally every option I can do I did with the same result), partially reset that last round with me needing to discard the staff of healing, but not otherwise being able to do a thing. This includes completely shutting down the game, and my phone.


Eventually I started another game, and the exact same thing happens, except this time it's at the end of defeating the final dragon (blackscale?). Again, I attempted all of the methods above, (vault, main menu, etc. . .), but it will not advance, and there is nothing I can otherwise do to progress to the next character, or the victory screen. I was very angry at this point as I'd just gotten a rare item and had been extremely careful not to loose or use it. Now, due to the glitch, I'm pretty sure it's gone.


Finally, I decided to check out the Quest, starting a brand new party as above, except I swapped out Amari the Barbarian instead of Merisiel the Rogue. Things are going fine until I'm down to 4 locations open, and I encounter the boss with Seoni, managing to barely beat him with a very lucky set of rolls and her Sorcerer Bloodline power as the only attack action I had. At this point, 2 of the 4 locations are temporarily closed, leaving only one location for the boss to flee to. It shows the scene where the card goes to that one location, I see I get some GP for closing the location, and then I'm stuck right there. This time, every time I go to the Vault, Main Menu, or anything, I noticed that I get 7 more GP each and every time, and it keeps stacking. I'm not sure if the previous times this issue has come up did the same, (I assume they did, but I honestly do not know), but this time it is 100% of the time paying me 2GP for beating a monster, and then another 5GP for closing the location, and then taking me to a blank and dark "closed location", but I can not do anything to simply move on to the next character or advance past that stage. There are no special buttons or conditions I'm failing to do.


After attempting to look at my deck, my hand, my discard, and/or burial those cards are now locked on the screen face down, and overlap any other cards that come up. This continues even after restarting the game, those cards are in the middle of the screen, face down, and they continue to block anything else that comes up. I'm not sure if my characters are also gaining XP each time, (it doesn't show their current total), but the GP continues to build up.


This is getting extremely annoying. I should have won three separate games here, and also found an item (I think it's rare) I'm been hunting for for a long while, and each time I've been robbed of a probably victory because the game is locked up somehow. I've spent $30 on this game's content, and can not play it.



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