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Quest Mode Card Feat Loss


After the latest update, I failed a five character scenario but still received experience (never happened after losing a scenario before). Two characters reached level 20 and the screen showed the reward "Card Feat". When I continued, it skipped the card feat selection screen and went directly to the card redistribution screen. The two characters have lost the opportunity for their card feats.

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I have a similar Problem: http://imgur.com/a/x6W8g

However I did win my quest!

It was a 6 character party and 4 of those achieved level 20 at the same time. 3 of them got the card feat but the 4th, my Lem didn't receive anything.

I tested playing him up to level 21 and paid close attention to what happens then. The answer is nothing. He leveled. He should have gotten a weapon and the game just didn't move to the reward screen. So apperently this one character is somehow broken for me as all 10 others got their card feat normally on level 20.

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