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Reducing XP with IE mod

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Some time ago I read that you got overexperienced fast, especially with completionist gameplay style. That was before WM 1 and 2 so maybe something changed there (like the scaling option).


At the moment I am using IE mod to reduce it by 25% and I am wondering if I am suppossed to do it or not.


At the moment I am playing on hard and I am just after roederik castle mission so I guess I can still turn it off without big difference.


Anyone got any experience with reducing xp gain ? Any suggestions ? Maybe turn off reduce xp and play on POTD?

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I was looking for the exact same information for my next POTD game. I found this topic (March 2016) about max xp to be found in the game and this other one (February 2016, lot of info). I'll quote both for convenience :


From mychal26 :

I received just over 160k experience with a full party doing everything. Since it's 120k to reach level 16 normally, a 33% increase in experience is around 159k experience required for level 16. So, you would probably reach maximum level with 35%, but may have trouble at 40%



From mychal26 :

An update regarding ideal experience for completionist.


Just finished the game with 33% increased experience required per level. I hit level 16 right before the start of Act IV completing every quest, all bounties, all Caed Nua, all WMI & WMII content, and exploring every inch of every map. I would guess that for completionist 40% would be too high to reach the maximum level, while 25% would see you hitting the maximum level somewhere around 80% of game completion. So 33% is a pretty good value to use (maybe 30% if you're aiming for 95% completion).



TL/DR : 25% seems fine assuming you want to enjoy your high level abilities for the last 20% of the game (doing pretty much everything along the way). There is no 30% option in the IE mod unfortunately.


PS: In his playthrough, mychal26 didn't upscale the White March content, only act 3 and 4 (I don't remember if it was by choice or not). It may be a good thing, I don't know how good the upscale is (only "boss" encounters ? all of them ?)


You should give POTD a try, I found the game really easy on hard and regretted my choice mid-game (although I played all IE games a lot). I think you can use the IE mod console commands ("SwitchPOTD") to change the difficulty to and/or from POTD without starting a new campaign.


30% with IE mod (not yet tested, may not work):

Fire up the IE mod through its launcher - it patches the "assembly dll" - then select no xp change in IE mod settings, as well as every other thing you want. Copy that "assembly dll" and exit the game as well as the launcher. Replace the original assembly dll and use an hex editor to change the xp (see topic 2 - may not be up to date about all info (offsets etc), make a backup of the original assembly dll to be safe). Don't use the launcher afterwards it will probably revert your changes ; you don't need it anymore, that is until the next patch. I have no idea about what would happen if you were to toggle the IE mod xp reduction in game on top of the hex change.

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I am already playing on POTD like you suggested.


I decided that for a first run I will just go with standard xp pool and will upscale the content if needed.

Maybe someday when I will play it again, I will go for xp reduction.


Anyway, thanks for help :)

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