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Hi all,


Was just browsing through the unique weapons section of the wiki (props to whomever took the time to update it with WM2 weapons) and was wondering what the general consensus is on some of the following weapons for a sword and board fighter. I figured it might give people a chance to gush about their favourite :)


– Drawn in Spring

     - Amazing wounding DoT

     - Naturally Superb

     - Light Weapon

– Sword of Daenysis

     - DR penetration

     - Light Weapon with Attack Speed enchant – super fast

     - Available early

– Vent Pick

     - Never used it before but the flame of devotion proc makes it seem like it could be really good?

– Rimecutter

     - Large weapon with Innate attack speed enchant that can be Durganised (one of two I think?)

     - Can be hit or miss getting it in a normal playthrough (probably use power word: console)

– Strike Hard

      - Also comes with Attack Speed enchant and has disorientating, step-up from Rimecutter

– Purgatory

     - Sabre with Annihilation and draining, nuff said.

– Bittercut

     - Profits from Spirit of Decay adding 20% base damage

     - Corrode less resisted than most elements. Other than that ...?

– Steadfast

      - Maybe outmaneouvering isn't that valuable in practice?

– Unlaboured Blade

     - Seems like it would be amazing if Firebug can proc multiple times in a fight. 

     - What the hell is this thing like with a Barbarian if it can!?

     - Speed Enchant

     - Mythic enchant

     - Can't be durganised


Though they're a little bit boring, for a character that's going to be auto-attacking a lot the durganisable innate-speed enchant large weapons seem to me to be very tempting. For instance, with Durganised Strike Hard, a durgan shield and a speed buff of like 1.25 you can get pretty close to 0 recovery with a durganised 35% recovery penalty armour on. Throw on the gloves of Swift Action and a speed buff and you can attack vulnerable attack without any corresponding negative side effects. 


Maybe Bittercut is secretly amazing? Drawn in Spring seems like it could be unbelievable with High Might and High Intellect - though maybe a paladin would be able to use it better under those circumstances. 


Maybe people like Status-Effect on Crit weapons too? 

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No Cladhiliath? Vietana'sLeaves? Are you going solo or team play?


Vierinas leaves seems like a poor man's Sword of Daenysis. I guess it comes naturally superb though which is handy.


Cladhalíath seems pretty good but I've never taken the chance to use it myself. Seems like low damage and as far as I can recall it still uses the gimped version of stun that doesn't lower defences, just incapacitates the enemy.


Topic intended for party use and just general discussion of good one-handers with a shield

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I was thinking Clad with the Team abilities. Giving ACC and Damage bonuses to your Rog or Barb is pretty sweet. Makes your fighter a Pally wannabe. I wonder if the ACC bonus on Clad combine with or suppress Gallant's Focus?

No matter which fork in the road you take I am certain adventure awaits.

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I also like the solid damage of Ravenwing. A weapon with Damage 3 on a High Might Fighter with all of the damage addons like Savage Attack, etc...can be significant. Use any piece of equipment that ups your damage %.


Plus Ravenwing just looks Bad-Ass!

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No matter which fork in the road you take I am certain adventure awaits.

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Drawn in Spring has the highest DPS because of wounding. But it has only slash damage.

I like Bittercut a lot because it not only has the same base damage as a two handed weapon and works with Spirit of Decay, but also because it has two damage types which makes switching weapons obsolete in most encounters.

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The stun on Cladhaliath is the same as all the other weapons with stun. It used to be bad but was changed in a recent patch to a true -30 deflection, deathblow enabling stun. 


I really like Starcaller flail as well. Its the only fast weapon that has a stun proc on it and it has a damaging spell proc as well.


To me the fixed stun proc is way better than the prone proc as the deflection debuff is -30 instead of -10 and prone immune seems more common.

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