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Questions about the Temple of Woedica

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In the temple under the city you meet this group of people, some woman tells you to go to do things (because she thinks you are someone else) but I have never really understood the point of this as nothing seems to happen after you have done the things she talked about. I have played through several times... can you just kill them?


What purpose does this temple serve? I can't seem  to see one, or maybe I just missed something... several times?

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From what i understood, this abandonned temple is a convenient hidden place for secrecy, where the Leaden Key reunite. They give missions to people without them knowing what is the purpose for it. It's once the 100 persons have accomplished their own mission that the whole Leaden Key plan takes form. Basically, the less everyone know about what are doing others and why they were give such tasks, the lesser the risk their plot is uncovered. The Leaden Key guys have to trust that everything has a greater purpose. So, to me, it's quite obvious that you can't see consequences once you've done your tasks, since they seem to be just a very little part of a plot that was going on maybe for decades.
You can kill them and get the same clues at the end of the slaughter.
PS: where is this damn 'spoiler' tab?

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