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[3.03] Enemy pathfinding is still terrible



Just to clarify what it looks like in the current version.


The top right enemy targets Calisca...




... but oh no! There's no way he could possibly reach her! So he just waits...




Until my monk kills the enemy to the left...




... but oh no again! My monk has moved forward and cut off the path! The enemy now runs in place for a few seconds like he's on a treadmill.




Until he finally figures out how to go around the side:




And after all that work to reach Calisca, he immediately switches targets to the monk anyway (even though he could have applied flanked to the fighter):




I hope this will be improved for Tyranny and PoE 2.

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Same thing happens for player and companion AI scripts, if they cant move straight to their target they just stand still waiting until all other npcs in front of them clear out instead of going around them


Their AI worked fine before 3.0 version of the game

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