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Brighthollow load 2nd floor crash due to NPC



 The 2nd floor of Brighthollow never loads, and instead I am booted back to the main game menu. 

I originally discovered this issue with Durance. I managed to have multiple copies of him in my party with missing or duplicated abilities, or even different ranges of gear (either nothing or what he had originally). I had never used Durance, but through some basic troubleshooting found that in order to load the 2nd floor again, I had to kill him. By killing I mean completely destroy him (high dmg when at low life so he can't get back up). 

I'm now having the same issue with Sagani. I suspect this is a major flaw in how characters are being loaded in Brighthollow specifically. Something is allowing multiple copies of the NPC. It is an issue _prior_ to trying to echange characters (the party I was using did not have Sagani in it during a small period of adventuring. There was no attempt to change the party upon returning to Brighthollow until after the 2nd floor failed to load). 

Worth noting:
> I managed to get 3 Sagani in my party according to the small menu screen where you can choose to add or remove people from the group.
> At most 2 were visible on the map at any given time.
> Abilities were often duplicated or completely missing as visible skill placeholders with index out of bounds errors (array with no data).

I have a save game available though I see no way to attach it. I will keep it available, feel free to request it and I will do so. 

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