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Character walking everywhere [3.03]



So apart from stealth and combat, my character walks everywhere. I know some people have been clamouring for a run/walk toggle - I'm certainly not one of them I'd rather they ran. No IE mod where I understand this toggle exists, and no idea what prompted it. I think I have one save from a while ago where they were running, but seeing as I've done a lot since then (soloing the Dweller bounty for one) I'm really not in a mind to reload. Is there any fix, or should I just live with it?


EDIT: Problem appears to be identical to this. I was using Deleterious Alacrity of Motion from Angio's Gambeson, a speed enchanted weapon at times and I had +2 movement speed from my Survival bonus (I equipped Jack of Wide Waters to get it to this level before resting, and unequiped). Can provide saves if necessary, and yes the version is definitely 3.03.


If the problem is purely cosmetic I don't mind so much, but I don't want it producing other issues.


EDIT 2: So the problem just solved itself, not on reload though nor on reapplying these abilities (I tried all sorts of combos of DAoM, survival speed bonuses and my speed weapon against the solitary lion at Woodend Plains - but none of it worked). However fighting Gramrfel, again making use of these abilities, did somehow work. I've kept the before/after/during saves if a dev is interested.

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As an update, it's definitely something to do with getting additional move speed by survival. I triggered it again by resting with a survival +2 item to get movement speed II, then changing to Angio's Gambeson.


EDIT: It's fixed by any sort of resting, followed by reloading.

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