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What do I get from the bundel instead of buying each part...

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I have tried to understand what I get from buying the Rise of the runelords bundle instead of buying all adventures seperatly + all characters?


There is a note of promo cards - do I get them if I buy the seperat adventures. On the same note it sayes somthing about extra card conected to characters - do I miss them if I buy the characters im intressted in instead of the bundel?



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Hannibal's right. As for the "extra cards connected to characters," I'm not actually sure what you mean. That may be the C-Deck, and if so, then there's no difference between getting it as part of the bundle and getting it separately.


So at the end of the day, the only thing you lose by not getting the bundle is the promo cards. You can see a list of the promo cards here. Most of them are inconsequential. A few, however -- Fire Sneeze, Poog of Zarongel, and Horsechopper +1 -- are actually pretty strong. Depending on your level of completionistic tendencies, missing out on the promos may or may not drive you insane. :)

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