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Final battle and experience points

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After you jump into The Pit you earn experience points as you complete the final quests and fight Thaos. However it appears the only way to escape from the Pit is to go back to a previous save (Burial Isle Pre-Endgame). This means if you want to carry on to White March 1 as I do, then you have lost all those experience points just gained after the Pre Endgame save. Is this  correct or am I missing something here!? Can you use a ladder to get out? (I do not have one!)


Many thanks

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It is correct, however, White March is designed to be played at about lvl 8 and if you decide to play it during end-game, you can get it scaled to about lvl 12 difficulty. In other words, don't worry about it, you'll max out at the end of White March anyway.

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