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Story: Seelah, Meri, Seoni, Lini, Kira/Ezren, Lem/Valeros


Quest: pretty much the same, but I rarely play it because leveling and card collection is quite slow. And if something goes wrong with local save data... I could throw the tablet out the window.. :)


For the xp difference we need more advanced players

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Well, my first Legendary party was:  Lem, Harsk, Lini, Ezren, Meri, Amiri.    It worked well, although Into the Mountains was a pain.   Of all of the characters not in this group, I think I miss Seelah the most.    I'd be inclined to maybe swap out Amiri for her, although Amiri's movement abilities are certainly nice on Legendary with a 6-person party.


My second Legendary party was suggested somewhere on this forum, and was actually great fun to play:  Lem, Seelah, Kyra and Lini.   All of the divine casters.   It worked really well, although Kyra is rather superfluous.


I have also completed the content available thus far on Legendary with solo Lem, and solo Sajan.    Both were a bit tricky to get going, but ultimately the went pretty smoothly.   I actually feel that Lem might be one of the most well-suited characters for solo play, in spite of the pre-role uselessness of his bardic talent.   His ability to switch out cards at the start of the turn is fantastic.   

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Since my system cannot handle large (5+) parties, I always try to build the more complete small party possible. And by complete I mean able to handle all kinds of banes while using all kinds of boons and closing all kinds of locations.


My best 2-character group is Lem-Valeros, usually traveling together. With them I have use for both melee and ranged weapons, arcane and divine spells, Valeros helps Lem fighting monsters and Lem helps Valeros on things other than fighting...


My best 3-character group is Ezren-Kyra/Seelah-Merisiel. Lots of complementarities again, and Ezren works wonderfully with Kyra (or Seelah), without demanding the amount of healing that Seoni usually requires.


But my Legendary party is really Lem-Harsk-Valeros-Ezren. All aspects of the game are covered with this guys - they might lack a little healing, but with Valeros, Harsk and Ezren this is almost never an issue...





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Seelah - Amiri - Lini - Ezren -Seoni - Monk dude.


Seelah - Divine closer and Jack-of-all-Trades

Amiri - Smasher and Mobility

Lini - All around Closer and Gatherer

Ezren - Speedy Explorer and All Things Arcane

Seoni - Blow Stuff and Charisma Closer

Monk Dude - Fist to Face Banes and Acrobat/Dex Closer.

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Ezren - Valeros -Seelah - Merisel - Lem - Seoni


Ezren and Seelah are both quick closers. Valeros can handle most monsters. Merisel is great for her dex. Lem is nice to have around for overall flexibility and support and having another powerful magic user in Seoni rounds out the party although I played the first four until the awards change happened favoring 6 person party.

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