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Formation upon area transition

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I'd like to apologize ahead of time if this is the wrong part of the forum or there's already a thread about this. I didn't find one, and this area seems appropriate, but I might just be missing something.


I'd like your formation upon entering a new area (particularly when manually resolving stronghold attacks) to be determined by your formation, not your portrait order.


I prefer to have my main character in slot 1 so they "lead" the group and I get their canned responses when I tell the group to do something, but I typically play squishy archers and mages so when I walk into an area with enemies by the entrance my main character has to spend half the fight running away from an enemy warrior or two.

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Not possible as far as I know, you're stuck with the portrait order I'm afraid. At least for the stronghold attacks though, you could just solve that my temporarily swapping your main character to a another slot, and moving him back after. Not ideal, but it saves a lot of running around during the fight. 

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