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Animal Trick adds to Cache rolls



I am pretty sure saw this reported already, but on an earlier patch. Just thought I would post in case the previous bug was fixed.

Lini can play a spell (usually find traps) to help defeat a cache barrier. After the barrier is defeated, but before the dice is rolled, the spell is asked to be recharged. Choosing discard shows animal trick lighting up to be activated, since the sleek is discarded animal trick tries to add to the next roll. Usually the game corrects, however it does not for the cache roll, so for a cache roll you get 2d4+x cards.

Here is a picture of Seoni after getting 9 spells from the cache. Note, none of them are haste, swipe, or scrying which i pointed out on another thread.


EDIT: The Haste, Swipe, Scrying issue has been answered.


Edit 2: this can also be done with Inspired grace from Seoni, but you have to be ridiculously fast. I have only done it 1 time out of 20 or so attempts.

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