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Goblin Trait fire damage discards whole hand with Warchanter


Device: Hudl 2

OS: Android 5.1


Pass & Play: OFF

Permadeath: OFF

Mode: Quest

Party Members: Merisiel, Harsk, Lem, Seoni, Lini

Turn Order: as party

Scenario: ?

Difficulty: Heroic

Wildcards: fire damage with Goblin trait?

Trigger: Deeper Dungeon, Goblin Warchanter, take fire damage after defeat


Amiri encountered the GW (how many of these swine can I get in a scenario? This is the same game as my other GW bug post!). She defeated the GW but took a point of Fire damage. I discarded a card and was presented with the prompt to discard a card; loop until I had no cards left. Great. Not.

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I've had that happen with both goblins and giants with the scenarios that deal damage after they are defeated. I lost a character to permadeath early on this way and why I won't play permadeath anymore until a lot more of these character killing bugs are resolved.

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