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Other character helping make a check

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I recently started noticing that sometimes i see a button at the very top of the screen that allows me to ask another character in my location to make a check for me. But i dont see it all the time. Was that added in the last patch? Maybe it has been there a while i just dont recall it. I looked around the forums and the rules for it and i couldn't find much about other characters making a check for you. So i came looking for more answers. Is that only available under specific conditions? only if its combat? I did find a very old comment on another site that was quoting the physical card game rules:


on Sep 1, 2013 eracer68 said: 

rulebook pg 10 wrote:

Encountering a Card
Any character at that location can attempt one or more of the checks, as long as the character who encountered the bane attempts at least one of them. If the character who encountered the bane is not able to attempt at least one of these checks, the bane is undefeated and other players do not need to attempt checks against it.


and that seems to be consistent with how the game is playing i guess i just didnt notice it before and could not find it in the in-game Rules. 


Since i started looking for it it has been very very useful on monsters that require two or more checks allowing another character to hit one. i wonder if many people spec parties around this mechanic.

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