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What's the good level or party composition / lv.... to start the Siege of Cragholt map...


Basically the 2 mercenary (fighter, barbarian) who greets me shredded my lv9 party. 

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Posters previously mentioned this being high level content, seen somewhere, level 14 because it's considered end of the game material.  I used fighter, paladin, barbarian, priest, and wizard statically, rotated in druid/cipher/chanter whenever I felt like changing and did little at a time.  Buff party, debuff mobs, focus fire, and don't bite off more than you can chew.  I went back and forth after each battle or two killing time.  Don't engage the drunk dude because he brings all hell down on you.  Kill him alone later.


But, if you wait until level 16 this is not very hard.

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