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He really wanted to beat me



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If I remember well, that was the second in the scenario. The first rolled a 4 in pre-set to return to bottom of the deck after the successive (regular) encounter. I don't remember if the card graphic refreshed to remove the other pre-sets (neither the pre-set roll).


From the image I posted you can see the damage of his attack (I have really seen him attacking with a fast animation) and at the same time the monster card hadn't rolled the pre-set dice and refreshed its description (I think the common behavior you programmed for this type of monsters).

It seems to my memory, that I used the binocular in that case to spot him in the Mari previous turn (and perhaps I put him forward).

Then I remember the transition from Seoni (previous char in an other location), the tap over the Meri's location deck and the flash attack. Without any roll (neither the pre-set one), I'm sure.

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