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Shield Bash procs twice with Carnage (3.03)



I noticed that with Carnage shield bash with Larder Door seems to attack outside the Carnage range and seemingly attacks more than once (two shield swinging noises are applied, and some enemies seem to get two rounds of Carnage applied with what should be one attack). I think the second bash attack is also being applied to a different target than the one which you are attacking, which would explain how it's hitting people outside the normal Carnage range (i.e. a second bash is being applied to someone to the back of the mob).


Saves can be provided, but you can test it (which I did to confirm it after noticing it on my main character) at the initial camp site by consoling in Larder Door. I play Expert Mode on my main character so it was a little tricky to notice at first. This is obviously a problem for anyone wanting to play with one of the Barbarian's soulbound items - Dragon's Maw.

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I tried it as well, the bug happens for me as well. As far as I can tell the second bash is always aimed at another enemy in the Carnage radius of the first bash. Aside from the bug itself happening in the first place, what's also puzzling is that it happens only once per initial Bash, and doesn't recursively occur on subsequent Bashes either; the second Bash shows up as an attack in the combat log so it's easy to tell, and I've only counted just a second one despite there being plenty more enemies in range.


Also confirmed for Dragon's Maw, by the way. 


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Kaylon had this to say about the bug in a different thread:





Taste of the Hunt works like it should, bash doesn't hit twice

Do you mean bash doesn't hit twice when Taste of the Hunt procs? Or bash doesn't hit twice with HoF (as in each hit, doesn't generate a single additional hit on a different target)? Or just that you're not seeing the bash bug altogether.


As both Loren Tyr and I tested the bash bug it would be weird if you couldn't replicate it, however perhaps with another effect in play the bash effect behaves correctly than it does in your average attack (which seems bugged, as mentioned).


In fact I didn't see the bug at all, but I was focused mostly on HoF. However from what I read about the bug it doesn't seem to happen all the time...


I guess it's a little inconsistent, it'd be nice if the root causes could be pinned down.

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It might well be that when using HoF it doesn't happen, because those additional attacks happen as part of HoF. In any case, with just regular attacking it seems to be very consistent. I just started a new game, made a barbarian, used console to add Larder Door and set Resolve to 200, and attacked a random caravanner. In the ensuing melee it triggered without fail.


What I also noticed is that the second Bash attack is invariably aimed at the first enemy targetted by Carnage (ie. the first enemy listed for the Carnage damage of the initial Carnage, even if the Carnage attack on that enemy missed). There also isn't a new 'activates Bash' in the log (you do get one both before the regular initial attack and again before the initial Carnage). Moreover, it also works with activated abilities like Knockdown, this also results in a second Bash with full Knockdown (oddly, now you do get the two extra 'activates Bash' in the log; also the damage part of the second Knockdown says (Bash) rather than (Knock Down) in front of it).


I've dug a bit through the code, but why exactly this is happening remains unclear (backtracing this sort of thing through disassembled code is rather tricky). Why Carnage triggers a second bash (if it technically does so; the lack of 'activates Bash' suggests that it actually bypasses the originating Bash GenericAbility somehow), why only one instance is triggered (possibly because further instances are blocked because it does not support multiple simultaneous activations), and why its subsequent Carnage instance doesn't trigger any further ones (because it takes a different route, somehow)...? I'm just not sure. 

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