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(Suggestion) Evade or Encounter should come beforeTemporarily Close Locations

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The Evade or Encounter screen should come up before the Close Tempest Locations screen.

Because there is no point in spending a blessing to temp close a location, only to find that my fighter doesn't have a weapon this turn.

Or going through and temp closing some locations, and then finding out my wizard had an Invisibility spell in his hand.

Please consider this.

Think of the children.

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Current implementation is consistent with the real game. Consider this scenario: hero has a power that says, for example, "Succeed at Charisma/Diplomacy 10 check to avoid monster" (a couple of pixie Allies give you that) - the player wants to evade the villain, but he doesn't know if he'll be able until after he rolls the Charisma check. The POINT is, you have to decide if you want to temp-close and how hard are you trying to do it (i.e. what resource to spend) BEFORE you know for sure if you'll be able to evade.


Now, in the real game, you usually know when you can evade for sure (ex, Merisiel's power) and if you want to do so, so you just skip the Temp Close step. And here we hit on the REAL problem in the app: you possibly don't get know if you WANT to evade, before you're done with Temp Close, the reason being: you can't see what your heroes are holding in the Temp Close screen. This is one of the more annoying UI decisions in the game.


The best recourse you currently have (in your example) is: you select to Temp Close a location that won't cost you any resources or is negligibly easy to close; then, instead of rollong the check/performing other action - switch to view the hero that encountered the villain (they'll be accessible, as they are allowed to help with the temp-close check). When you see that you don't have the sword - just fail or cancel the Temp Close, skip the whole Temp Close menu and evade the villain.


Of course, it would be best if the devs just fix the UI, but right now there's a whole school of bigger fish to fry, so...

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The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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