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Something dodgy down at the waterfront




Android 6.0.1 Galaxy tab A

What is your PFID#? (Located in the settings menu) no idea

pass & play on

Quest Mode normal difficulty,


party turn order and location

harsk in apothecary closed

seelah at guard tower closed,

lini in shrine to lamashtu temp closed,

ezren at waterfront,

6 blessings left

Ezren battling gogmurt, end of first combat where scorching ray was played, i hit, don't recall die result,

i hit blue card button for extended spellbook just as, or just before roll for icreased difficulty for goblins trait

3 suddenly appeared, then a 6 sided die, which ROLLED ITSELF (blue die, not in a boarder) gave 3 result, giving 11 damage, no opportunity to use spells and didn't go to extended spellbook...

All characters lvl 20, normal mode


Just thought I'd log it

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