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Do heroic and legendary campaigns use "upgraded" chars?

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I completed campaign of first three adventures with 6 chars in normal mode.  Filtering to experienced chars, I can now start another campaign from the beginning with them in heroic mode.




1. The chars starting new campaign have all the power and card feat upgrades filled in just like my chars still in the normal path.  Is this correct?  If so, won't I run out of upgrade feats for them?

2. Their card stacks includes all the obtained boons, not the basic boons.  Is this correct?

3. If both of these are correct, will the things that happen in the new heroic path affect my chars in the normal path (waiting for adventure 4).  That would be very undesirable.


In short, I was expecting to start heroic path with basic chars, not upgraded chars.  Is this not how it works - i.e., is what I am observing the correct behavior?  Upgraded chars seems to defeat the purpose of a tougher challenge in heroic mode.  Also, I obviously don't want to mess with my original path group chars, if anything i do in the new heroic path would "stay" with the char.

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You can start new harder campaing with nonexperinced characters. I have one Group that is doing only legendary scenarios.

Experienced characters does not collect upgrades From scenarios that They allready have done before.

ok now i got it.  i thought i had read that you could only do the harder difficulties using chars that passed the original run.  Obviously i didn't read that!


thanks for the clarification.

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