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since my character finaly got to level 20, the randomness of quest mode has actualy stopped being quite random, in fact all of my game have been pretty much the same, first of all i always encounter these locations




Farm House

General Store


The Old Light

Treacherous Cave

Village House


Wooden Bridge

Junk Beach

The Rusty Dragon


i used to encounter these location but now no matter how many quest mode game i play, they just don't appear anymore


Deeper Dungeons

Desecrated Vault

Mountain Peak

Shrine to Lamashtu

Thassilonian Dungeon

Throne Room



Shadow Clock


most of the time i get the scenario power that force you to receive damage when you defeat an undead monster and the villain is always either that necromancer that resurrect on a 1 or 2 or that elf that gets stronger if there aren't at least 2 character in his location, there are a lot of scenario power i used to see that just don't seems to appear anymore


is this a bug or what?


also in one particulary rare game where the game did decide to pick some new stuff i encountered the boa villain from the "here comes the flood" scenario and since they don't have the "attempt to close the location when defeating this villain" text it actualy made completing that game much harder by forcing me to go through all the location cards, is that supposed to happen?

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