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Unable to play, can not start over



I've failed the first game, but I can not seem to get off the screen that allows you to keep some cards and not others. I am missing one card to complete a characters deck... And can not move on... Reinstalling the game left me in the same spot. Buying extra adventures didn't help as I must get through this to move on... I'm in a bad place and out 25 dollars. Help?

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Posting a screen shot could help people help you.

(If you can't attach it to your post, you can create a free account at www.dropbox.com, upload it there, and provide a link here.)


Are you sure you don't have a card available?  Maybe one character has too many cards, and one has too few?  Or you do have a card in the lower pane, perhaps under character A, and character B is lacking that same card type?  If any member of your party has an extra card of a given type, and another member is short that card type, the character who is short has to take the party's extra card.


If you really have removed all extra cards from all character's decks, and used all the available cards you can, clicking the blue arrow on the right of the screen should display the Basic cards of the type you are missing.


If you really give up:

-- Quit game

-- Click Story

-- Find the save game you are dealing with

-- Click the X in the upper right of the save game to delete it


You can now use Story to reform the party using the same characters (be sure to use your Experienced characters).  I've never killed a party in the post-scenario screen, so I'm not sure if the party will be on the scenario you just completed, or the next one, but you should be able to play it.

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