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Vital essence bug?

Loren Tyr


Vital Essence (both spell and potion) seems to be giving far more Health than it should be. The character gets +50 current and max Endurance as per the description, but both current and maximum Health are increased by 50 x (class Health multiplier) x (CON health gain % bonus), so eg. 50 x 4 x 1 = 200 for Aloth and 50 x 5 x 1.3 = 325 for Eder. The increase in current Endurance and Health also sticks around after the spell/potion wears off. 


It's a bit unclear whether this is intentional or not, especially since the descriptions aren't quite consistent. The spell description text says it gives a temporary increase to maximum endurance and health (saying nothing about the increase in current endurance and health being permanent), and the 'effect' line correspondingly reads "+50 Endurance, +50 Health" (the second of which is obviously wrong). The potion has the same 'effect' line, but the text here says that it gives a temporary increase to current and maximum endurance (saying nothing about increasing health or the increase in current endurance being permanent). 


Anyway, between the effects themselves and the descriptions something isn't quite right, so I thought I'd report it here.

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