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Treasure chests and Aquiring new cards

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I am new to the pathfinder adventure game and am trying to understand the general concept of aquiring new cards to the vault. I decided to spend the $25 to get what I thought was the complete game (at least for the Rise of the Runelords set). Now in reading, I am wondering if the only way to get some of the cards is additional in app purchases (either with money, or the very slowly aquired in game gold - which has been buggy at best). 

So my question - will every card eventually show up in the game just through normal play (perhaps much more slowly) or do you need to purchase chests in order to see those cards ever? (understanding that these cards aren't necessary, but likely make the game more fun)

Do the "Chests" that show up during play have NEW items or just ones that you already have in your vault? (same with new spells, etc)




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The in game chests (barriers) contain cards already in your vault.


When you paid $25 you purchased all of Rise of the Runelords, the 6 adventure decks, the Character Addon Pack, and the Promos. As found in the PHYSICAL GAME.


The Tresure Chests in the store are cards from other sets and custom cards that Obsidian has decided, and been allowed to, add to the app as bonus material. They are not required to play the game, and were never intended to be part of the actual physical game.

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