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Cant complete mission rewards.



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I am having a very similar issue with the end of The Skinsaw Murders (Angel in the Tower). Kyra and Merisiel have previously completed it, Lem and Ezren have just completed it for the first time. The reward screen gives the Medusa mask to Lem, the Medallion to Ezren and then stops. Merisiel and Kyra are blocked like above and the forward arrow is unresponsive (as is everything except the game menu).


I tried turning off Treasure items in Story mode but seems it's too late to have an effect. 


I'm using an LG G5 Android Phone.

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Hello Mabe,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us. Can you cycle through all the characters to see if anything changes or activates the arrow button? If you can, please upload a screenshot so I can see whats your screen looks like, you can upload it to the forums using dropbox. Also what is your PFID#? We can look into your account and grab your save off the cloud. Your PFID# is located in the settings menu at the bottom.


Thanks a bunch!

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