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Game Crashing on Multiple Discard



IOS Ipad

Permadeath, Legendary, Quest

Sajan on Apothecracy

Scenario Power - Giants deals 1 damage after defeat, After Monster is defeated roll d6 on a 1 deal 2 damage..forgot the last one aside from adjacent location movement only.


encountered the Golem Boss ( one who discards and reset hand on 2nd combat check) on the said location ( one where you roll d6 heal if you don't explore on the turn )


Defeated him on both checks..the giant damage scenario kicks in as he runs away to another location (map view) then as he is running AI rolls a 1 on the d6 scenario power..i can't discard now coz of map view


Then view reshifts to location, AI ask to discard 1 ( defeated a giant), i discard

Then AI asks again to discard 1 (should be discard 2..but what the heck ) i discard

ThenAI ask againto discard 1 (now the number of discard should be right), i discard my last card in hand..the ally that heals when buried or give + to divine checks.


Game freezes for a bit then crashes.


I reload..continue quest..it reloads me to the last discard before i crash..i discard again as asked..then crashed..


Try again..same result. Might be forfeiting.

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