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The wizard has so many awesome spells. I can't even understand how he can fall off in terms of damage or CC. A wizard can do CC as well as damage, you don't need to bring two seperate chars for that. I also don't use self buffs when he's in the back row. But then he has so many other great spells. Chillfog alone is so good, Pull of Eora is one of the best CC spells there is (if not THE best), The Wall of Many Colors is ridiculously good - and the best of all: there are so many different spells that you can build your wizard in so many different ways. It's a lot of fun. You just have to unlearn to spare your spells. Just knock out cool spells all the time and every encounter is easy. After a few levels you have enough spells per rest so that you don't have to rest too often. Normally I have to rest because of low health before I even used half of my spells. And even for the "I don't like resting"-faction there's Blast and Arcane Assault (it's one of the best per low level encounter abilities out there). ONce you can get spell mastery Kalakoth's Minor Blights you'll have the best per encounter autoattack weapon in the game.

You can also spare a lot of spells with the Spirit Lance. It's base damage is so high - i killed the ogres in front of Nalrend's Cave with a solo (non-tanky) wizard with one single per rest-spell (Spirit Lance) in a few seconds. The rest was per encounter. FOr me, wizard is one of the best classes in the game. But to be honest I like them all. ;)

I guess I'll have to try him again. To be honest. The spell descriptions are so cryptic that you have absolutely no idea what a certain spell is going to do before you've used it a couple of times. I think I kicked Aloth around when people started getting level 5 spells. Perhaps I picked the wrong spells. Given the confusing descriptions it's very likely. On the other hand I like to pick a party that can do away with an enemy party before people can start casting offensive spells and I like to do this in a repeatable sense. I don't mind resting, but on PotD with only 2 camping kits it gets annoying.

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