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Lost my last playable STORY party due to another bug



EDIT: The subject was incorrect, it is not a Quest party I lost, but a STORY party (sorry for the confusion). My Quest parties are still ok, but I like playing STORY mode more, and now have no party to use in that mode (both cannot continue, and I am unable to make new parties for this mode due to iPad mini RAM).

I changed the subject to be complete again




I was already unable to progress with my 3 person party, due to me playing on an iPad mini (and it cannot load the Here Comes the Flood scenario, most likely due to limited RAM, see my post halfway in this topic in http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87455-here-comes-the-flood-issue/)


I still had a 2 person (starting) party of Merisiel and Kyra, which I was able to play. And even though the game crashes constantly on my iPad mini, I still played the heck out of it since I love the game.

Until I just ran into a bug with this quest party as well, while trying the last scenatio of AD3 on Legendary.


For some reason, after a crash, the continue button didn't work anymore in the main menu. Going to Story with that button, now shows a dark party, with no names, no classes, no adventure listed, just a single '.' listed for that party. There is still a green arrow at the bottom, but that does nothing.

Restarting the game, resetting the iPad, playing another party for a scenario (quest mode, since story mode I can't get any party to work now), all those things I tried, none of them work. It seems this party is lost to a weird bug. This was my most progressed party, having cleared all available scenario's on normal, and was working on getting them all on legendary (so this party has a lot of time invested in it!) I'd hate to lose this party due to a bug... please tell me it can be fixed! (and not by another iOS device, I have only this tablet from Apple)


So now I can't play the game in story mode at all...

I know the device is not supported, but this is a real let down. I already proposed a fix for the first bug I encountered, but no Dev response as of yet.

Now a second game breaking bug (not counting the small bugs, if I can keep playing, I don't care much and will keep on going).

It almost seems like you don't like me and don't want me to play the game! (kidding, but this does feel sour...)


so some technical information:

iPad mini

Latest OS

Version Pathfinder: 480-20160602



Thanks for the help.

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