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Gold purchase (iOS)



After purchasing the $9.99 9,000 gold option my account was not credited with the gold nor will the restore option apply the gold. When attempting to repurchase the gold it says "This In-App Purchase has already been bought. It will be restored for free." After which the game locks up in the gold purchase screen even though I can press all the store options (just stays in the gold and the buy option is greyed out.)

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Same issue for me. I've tried 2 times, each time I got no gold at all.

I've sent 2 letters to support@obsidian.net today.

My mail - mrakvampire@yandex.ru

No to experimentation!

No to fixing that is not broken!

No to changes for the sake of change!

Do not forget basis of Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment. Just put all your effort to story, fine-tuning and quality control.

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