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Progression break (freeze) caused by summoned ancient skeleton



Quest mode

iPad Air 2

Party tier 2 (all chars level 21)

Scenario power: if you discard 1 or more cards as damage, bury 1 of those cards. Note in the screenshot it refers to this as "crow bait" which is probably the scenario the power comes from.

Wildcard 1: blood in the sand - if you di scared 1 or more cards as damage, bury 1 of those cards. (Identical or similar to crow bait?)

Wildcard 2: impending doom - 5 less blessings.


Encountered a barrier that causes all characters to summon and encounter ancient skeleton henchmen.

Ezren failed his check, revealed ring of protection, discarded enough cards for damage(including the ring of protection)

Scenario power forces one of the discarded cards to be buried.

After dragging a card to the bury zone, it shows the summoned ancient skeleton shuffling into the location deck (this is a separate bug), and then I m totally frozen. Unable to click on any cards or progress t he game (but I can quit or forfeit). Normally at this point the game should let me pick the next character to summon and encounter an ancient skeleton.


After quitting and reloading the game, I'm stuck in a state where it's asking me to bury 1 of the cards I discarded for damage, but I can't actually click or drag any of the highlighted cards. In this reloaded state, if I switch between characters, I can get a red X to cancel the last move. If I click it, the ring of protection returns to my hand from the discard pile "queue" but I still can't click or move any other cards, and still stuck. So it's possible this bug hinges on the ring of protection as well.


I'll probably just forfeit, but here's a screenshot.



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