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Story mode gets corrupted when device loses power during game play



I know my device isn't recommended (LG G3 running Android Marshmallow), but the game runs mostly without error except for this fatal bug. When my phone shuts off due to a weak battery while playing the game, I can no longer continue the story. The save file itself becomes blank and won't load. I had hoped the cloud save would have resolved this, but it didn't.


Please allow a way to manually save a game with multiple save slots. I have had to restart my story mode for the 6th time already due to this bug. The latest occurred with a new party created after the current game update.

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You can already make a copy of your save slot. I have done that Many times so that dev can see my save file.

And yes, leaving device too long on and running out of battery both cause corrupted files. So manually barking up is wice even the cloud save can save you. Have you tried to completely remove the game and hope that clod save is still intact?



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