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Do Utility talents like Scion of Flame affect Lash weapon enchants?

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Right. There are also other lashes that also profit from this. Like Turning Wheel (up to 50% burning lash or 65% with Scion of Flame), Flames of Devotion, the chanter's burning lash chant, monk's Lighning Strikes which also work like a lash (you can use shock enchanted weapons AND Lightning Strikes, you will then have two 25% shocking lashes - sadly not a single one with 50% - which will both profit from Heart of the Storm - so you will have two shocking lashed of 30% each), Bleak Walkers' Remeber Rhakan Field and so on.


Also note that the sabre Bittercut (corrode/slash), the soulbound bow Stormcaller (shock/pierce) and all summoned weapons which primarily do elemental damage like Cadebald's Blackbow (corrode/pierce), Firebrand (burn), Kalakoth's Minor Blights (burn/shock/corrode/freeze) and so on profit from those talents. Their base damage gets boosted by 20% - EVEN if they hit with the second damage type like pierce!


What lash is the most efficient? That totally depends. If you look at it from the perspective of "which is the least resisted elemental damage" then maybe corrode or shock. Freeze micht be the least effective because a lot of enemies in WM I & II are resistant or immmune to it - as well as many annoying spirits.
But when you have a character who already uses lashes of a certain kind like the paladin with FoD or the monk with Turning Wheel then you might want to also use a burning lash on your weapon and take Scion of Flame to get the most out of it.

Or you have a character in the party who uses Stormcaller - preferably a ranger: Then you might want to give your other characters_ weapons shocking lashes because Stormcaller lowers shock DR by 6. When you combine this with Expose Vulnerabilities (Wizard spell or spellchance of the rod "The Golden Gaze") you will lower enemies's shock DR by 11 - which is absolutely awesome because of the way how lashes work against DR (e.g. a 25% shocking lash has to overcome 25% of enemies shock DR by default).   

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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