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Quest NPCs not turning hostile



It's happened twice for me now. One during the quest 'Built to Last', when you have to find Vianna and get her research for Dunstan at Crucible Keep, and the other time it happened with the spirit in the graveyard in Heritage Hill, who supposedly attacked when I pointed out she was dead, but nothing happened.

I was able to advance the former quest by force attacking Dodwyna and killing her, getting Viannas research off her corpse, but not sure what I can do with the Enthralled Justicars in Heritage Hill.


I'm playing the GoG version, so no idea if there's any way to participate in patch betas there the way you can on Steam.

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We have a fix for this issue in our beta build. You can switch over or wait for our official 3.03 patch (should be soon.)



The problem being that I'm playing on Good Old Games Galaxy, so I have no idea how to take part in a beta there.

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