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jesus christ, is this the worst wildpower in the whole game? everytime i get this, i might as well quit the game, the average game is doable because some cards you need to beat and some you don't, with darkest night every card needs to be beat and most of them will be unbeatable, who the heck thought this was a good idea? as soon as you fail to acquire 5 boons, it's worse than the "5 blessing less" wildpower, it's just so unfair


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Yep - I don't think it was included to be fair. It is the hardest wildpower by a fair bit.


I think it offers a really good challenge so I am glad it is there (Especially with a levelled up group). What is good is that you can easily forfeit straight up if you don't want to face it.

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These wild powers Are for hardcore gamers with good party. I personally even think that darkest Night is not the hardest power. I have had much more difficulties with other some other powers...


Nice to have challenge ;-)

Which would you rate as harder?


For me the 2d4 for goblins/Giants can be nasty but too situational. +4 to banes would be up there as well.

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