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Quest mode level 30



Just finished getting a character to level 30... The reward says card feat + level 3 monsters, but I got a power feat.

Not sure if the text is wrong or the reward?


Really don't want to start this character over again after the missing rewards bug made me restart a character last time...

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This has already been reported as a bug and should be fixed in the next patch, I have stopped playing Quest mode for now for this reason, as the fix will probably not be retroactive.

(but if I am wrong I will be happy, I already have 2 characters with the wrong kind of reward)


If you didn't select the reward yet, quit the game for now and wait for the patch before coming back to quest mode (it will resume at the start of the reward step).


If not, well, depending on the character the additionnal power feat might be worth it compared to a card feat, or it might be something almost useless (armor prof., yohoo !)

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