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Banish not possible





I want to report the following bug:



After I failed the check I had to banish a card (caise of 'Blood in the Sand' ?). The discarded cards appeared in the red banner. I fiddled a bit around with these cards to see which one to banish and they went to my discard pile. I couldn't get one from there to banish it. 

Finaly I had fo forfeit the game cause I couldn't progress.






General (For all issues)

  • What device type are you on? iPad
  • What version of the OS are you running? iOS 9.3.2
  • What model is the device? iPad Air 2

Login Issues

  • When you launch the game, does the welcome popup appear for Game Center/ Google Play Games? Yes
  • On the main screen, what is the text displayed in the blue box at the top? Logged into Game Center

Store Issues

  • What products were purchased? Burnt Offerings, the Skinsaw Murders,  Ezren, Seelah
  • What products are missing (if any)? None


  • Is pass & play on?  No
  • Is permadeath on? No
  • Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Story
  • Characters in Party: Ezrten, Seelah, Merisiel, Kyra
  • Location of each character : ?
  • Turn Order : See screenshot
  • Scenario & Scenario Difficulty.  If on non-normal difficulties, which wildcard powers are in play? See screenshot
  • What card was encountered when the issue occurred? (Or check, or card just played, etc) See screenshot
  • Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore?  If subsequent, what card did you last encounter?  What was its resolution? See screenshot
  • Did other characters aid the check?  What did they use to aid it? No
  • Was the encounter a Horde? No






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You have to banish a card From your hand.


Not for Blood in the Sand.  That's the one that says that when you discard more than one card for damage, you have to bury one of the ones that you discarded.  So you SHOULD be burying from the discard pile.  See how the blue outline is around the provisionally-discarded cards near the discard pile, but not around the card in his hand?


The weird thing is, I would expect the provisionally-discarded cards to become actually-discarded, and then the discard pile "tray" should come up with those three cards demanding that you bury one.


Did you try that cancel button and try discarding your cards again?  (I'd understand if cancel buttons make you nervous...)

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As being a new player to the game I didn't know the exact phrasing of 'Blood in the Sand'. But as I remebered it, I had to bury a discard card and not a card from the hand. So I am glad with your comment, Da_Mayor.



I tried everything:

- Hit cancel buttons (which were also visible at all the other characters as I remember ?!)

- dragged everything I could drag

- Went to the vault 

- Went to the shop 

- Quit the game 

- Hard-Closed the app and restarted 


I finnaly forfeited :(



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