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Update stalls while loading.



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Updating. Was fine with 1.0.3

Then when I updated, it stalls.

I've uninstalled and tried reinstalling it says it's only 26 megs and then stalls in the same place.

This is on an android tablet, my android phone updated just fine

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Uninstalling and reinstalling on my phone tells me it's a file size of 304MB

So, it's either that I'm not uninstalling everything correctly, or IT'S not uninstalling everything corrrectly, or IT'S not installing everything correctly.

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All up-to-date.


Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2
Android 5.0.1
CPU: 4 core 1.86GHZ
Model #: Yoga Tablet 2-1050F

Build number: YOGATablet2-1050F_S100341_160408

Software version:  YOGATablet2-1050F_160408

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So, add I was looking at some websites, I found that the XAPK is 297Mb, but the APK is 27Mb which is what the Google play store is downloading. So, this tells me there is something about the interface between my tablet and the store that is only downloading the update and not the full install. Is that a Lenovo thing, or your thing, or Google's thing?

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So, I fixed my own problem.

Check it!


I uninstalled it from my tablet.

I went to my Google play account on my PC.

Searched for  Pathfinder Adventures.

Clicked Install.

Chose my Tablet.


Started installing 297MB worth of game.


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